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coal mine fire
24 June 2017 - 1:40 am

niosh 2007

We are happy to announce we have finished testing our self contained coal mine fire fighting system at NIOSH - it was a huge success.

Coal Mine Fires

Mine fires cost mine owners/operators millions of dollars a year and more significantly cost lives.

We are here to put out underground mine fires and do so fast!

Who we are...

USF Equipment & Services provides the most technologically advanced coal mine fire suppression systems (Hellfighter, MFFF, Hellblaster, Durafoam and Nitrogen Generators) that can be used to put out both active mine fires as well as abandoned mine fires anywhere in the world.

Patened Technology - US 7,096,965 B2

Mine Fire Hotline - 800.595.3626

US 7,096,965 B2

It all looks like shaving cream.
The fire is out ...the 24 hour hotline was a God-send.
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Mine Services

Mine inertion, mine barriers/seals, mine fire suppression/extinguishment, firefighting and safety training...

Subterranean / Subsurface Fires

We have extensive experience in subterranean and subsurface fires such as Coal, Mulch, Peat, Tire, Solid Waste and Land Fill types of fires.

Call for more information on subsurface fires.

Heavy Equipment

We offer a wide array of heavy equipment - nitrogen generators, VMAC under hood air compressors, Sentinel 30 compressed air foam systems, underground mine surveillance equipment and so on...


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